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Quramo 7


Chicken coop Q 7

Chicken coop Q 7

  • Modular design

  • Modern design

  • Fully mobile

  • Practical and easy to use

  • From 1000 to 3000 layers

  • Possibility of electrical solutions e.g. flaps, solar panel, etc.

Purpose of poultry houses for breeding:

  • Laying hens

  • Chicks

  • Broilers

  • Ducks

  • Goose

  • Turkey

  • etc.

Kurnik Q7
Wnętrze kurnika Q7


  • Dimensions of the Quramo 7.5 m  - X sections:

  • Width 7.5 m; every section has 2.5m

  • Technical room dimensions 5.3 mx 2.2 m

  • Total external dimensions of the henhouse
    (with a technical room): 8.6m x 23m

  • The area of the production part is 150 m2

  • Technical room area: 11.6 m2

  • Poultry house weight: about 10.4 tons

  • Construction on skids; made of hot-dip galvanized steel

  • The floor is made of waterproof plywood for broiler breeding

  • Sandwich roof made of PVC, 80mm wool and double PVC

  • Gutter system

  • Forced ventilation: insulated air inlets, exhaust fans,

  • Windows along the entire length of the side walls

  • 3 popholes open simultaneously

  • Double-winged gate, 2.5 m wide, 2.3 m high in the gable wall

Additional equipment

Additional layer of insulation for the roof 80-120mm

Possibility of thicker 80mm sandwich panel wall, instead of 40mm 
(for meat poultry)

Mobile feed silo with a shed

Fixing for a gas cylinder for poultry
(for meat poultry)

Double insulated floor made of sandwich panels and waterproof plywood
(for meat poultry)

Technical room (Egg room)
1 or 2 section

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