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Quramo 100

Chicken coop Q 100

The Quramo 100 poultry house is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to conduct conventional and organic rearing of laying hens, chicks, broilers, ducks and quails. The Quramo 100 shed is available with and without equipment.

Delivery time from 6 to 12 weeks.

Numbers according to european standards:
Organic/Bio - the maximum number of birds is 80.
Free Range - the maximum number of birds is 120.

Kurnik Q100


  • Dimensions 6 x 2.4 x 2.6 m

  • Area 12m2

  • Weight 1200 kg

  • Drawbar - ball or towing eye type; demountable, hot-dip galvanized

  • Wheels - removable, hydraulically lifted

  • Walls and roof - made of 40 mm thick double-sided polyurethane sandwich panel

  • Complete floor - substructure with a plastic grate 2/3 of the surface inside

  • Sockets - possibility of placing both on short and long walls

  • Gutter system

  • Ventilation - two ventilation grilles,

Standard Equipment

Drinking system, water tank capacity: min. 300L

Feeders 30kg, 2 pcs.

Next boxes and perches

Additional Equipment

Possibility of automatic pop-holes, nest boxes, lighting system, feeding system

Wheels (hydraulicly powered using jack) and ball drawbar (or C-shape) 

Automatic nest boxes with egg collection through outer insulated flap

Drawer underneath of slatted area for muck collection 

Internal litter area covered with marine plywood

Internal camera 24/7

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